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Fun And Learn Through Gif Images

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Creating lovely images always needs an eye for beauty and a lot of effective creativity.  Color is a beautiful aspect of each image and thoughtful use of pictures defines the artist inside you.  Advance technology has granted us the new way of drawing various pictures, tagging them and animating them to make it look like more real. To create an animated image a Gif platform is used. In today’s description let’s see the steps to create Gif images.

Although various kind of free sites are available to create a sensational Gif animated photograph, there are some very informative sites like Gif-king and many others to help users. Many tools like Adobe photo shop and even simple Microsoft paint can teach amateurs to create the best in the Graphic world. 
  •   Go to the start menu and click on Microsoft paint.
  •   Draw an image of your own choice.
  •   Click and save.
  •   Save as Gif file type.
  •   Now finally your Gif format is ready.
  •   Any other format like jpg, png can also be used for creating images.
  •   Whatever the file type whether Gif, Jpg, Png create more than one picture and take those picture to   Interesting funny sites  you can make animated Gif images.
  •   Free and funny sites always helps every user to create fun-filled animated pictures, videos, etc.
Best Gif Images
Gif Images
Adobe Photo shop also help to create Graphic based photographs in a very professional and interesting way. Photo shops even have the option for users to make glowing images. Animated graphical picture is a series of pictures going through a sequence to create the animated effect. Interesting and funny tag- lines can be attached as tagline to the images.

After learning the simple steps of creating it, it’s pretty important to know why such photographs are so popular and useful.  Graphic format has many categories of pictures like animal, baby and a lot more. Animal Gifs are in craze nowadays as their cute antiques spread a smile on millions of viewers watching it. These images when recorded as a video, it can be used in the version of witty email clips or video.

April fool’s day has become a national event in many progressive countries.  People even being busy with their daily official or professional work uploads unique fooling messages, Pictures  and videos to play practical pranks on their colic’s, friends, near and dear ones. Creativity in image making has come a long way and so is the popularity of creating Gif images through the help of many websites and online tools. Everyone is experiencing the part of fun and learn through Gif images.

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