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Funny Images Of People’s Falling Creates Lovable Memories

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Everyone has many kinds of hobbies. One of the most refreshing habit is to catch fish in a lake or in a pond. The professional fishermen take out a big boat to catch big fish and many other seafood. Catching up fish with your fishing rod certainly increases the adventure and enlightens one’s mood. The whole percentage of fish-catchers are around sixty %   and the craze for fishing is increasing day by day. However maximum funny images of people falling into ponds or river can be recorded or clicked during the fishing activity as people get a little bit off balance trying to catch more.

For Example let’s look into the case of Chris brown whose main hobby is fishing whenever he gets some leisure time out of his spice store situated in a suburb in California. The suburb had some old lake and one of it belonged to Chris’s friend Gary who had inherited from his grandfather as an inheritance. Gary is a photographer whose main profession is to capture still funny pictures. One day both friends decide to go on a fishing trip and while Chris started fishing, Gary started clicking nice pictures of the lake, suddenly there was a huge tug in Chris’s fishing rod. Suddenly Chris was pretty happy thinking a big fish must have got caught, so he tried to pull it in.  The Splash sound happened, which was heard by Gary and he could see that Chris has fallen off from the rock into the lake water. Instead of helping Chris Gary was busy Clicking pictures of this hilarious incident. Chris finally came out with Gary’s help, he was pretty angry. Without any word Chris left for home. The very next evening Gary visited Chris at his home and gave him a packet. Without any word Chris opened it to find out the funny sequence in which he had fallen into the lake the previous day.

Funny People Images
Funny People Images
Now it was Chris who was laughing loudly, followed suit by Gary. Both old friends were pretty happy again. The anger was forgotten and these funny images of falling down into the lake became a wonderful memory in their lives. So whenever such situation happens within your family or friend circle, click the pictures or record it and show it to the person who has fallen off, don’t be scared because laughter will surely follow the pictures. Therefore Funny people images falling into water, from chair or in any place do create a ripple of laughter all around. 

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