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The Best Animated Pictures A Reason For Smile On Countless Faces

Thursday, 26 September 2013

The smile on some one’s face gives his own people the mental satisfaction and pleasure beyond definition.  We all love to see a genuine smile on the faces of the people we deeply care for, love and cherish. The essence of fun and laughter  normally starts as we all think of holiday. Holiday and festivals are interconnected and so is the matter of fun which adds spice into our lives. During festivities everybody makes sure to get connected to their loved ones through various modes of communication. The mode of connectivity may be  thorough a mobile phone, SMS or sending emails with various best animated Pictures added to it.

Many question what is an animated GIF?  There are many exciting websites which  are a part of our everyday laughing quotient. One such funny website is the GIF king website, where millions of users creates, uploads and send funny animated images to friends, co-workers and distant relatives. An  animated GIF is a series of synchronized image that is converted into a moving picture or image ,which is practically very witty with humorous captions tagged to it. For example there is Christmas around, so a weird looking Santa falling into a heap of gifts and coming out of it in a funny way does create an uproarious laugh among people who view it. Animated GIFs are a way of expression and happiness for today’s busy generation. It helps people to connect to each other through these images. People often create and upload many astoundingly hilarious pictures onto witty websites. People or visitors who are registered they keep voting on for their best graphic image and out of many a section of the images crown as the best of all, which  attracts visitors towards its funny caption and event taking place.

 So we, may arrive  at a conclusion that out of many GIF’s only the best animated picture gets popular among  everybody universally. Such kinds of fun oriented animation changes our gloomy mood into a happy one and it also encourages us to face life’s difficulties with a smiling face.
Author : +Kumiko Kurosu

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