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The Funny Cartoon Pictures a child’s Best Friend

Friday, 12 September 2014

Children and fun are inseparable. Both mean a complete setup. Every child loves his childhood because of the kind of excitement fun oriented activities he gets involved in. However; every time the dose of hilarity is not possible due to studies, extracurricular activities, projects and much more. So, at these times the child feels lonely, he misses his friend and dose of naughty fun. To fulfill the gap or void of entertainment in his life the parents can show him funny cartoon pictures printed and published in books, in movies and of course on online web sites.
Funny Cartoon Images
Funny Cartoon Pics
Not only for entertainment has had reason had psychologically entertaining images kept a child happy, healthy and hearty. His daily mental pressures are released as he views such interesting images on any platform. A child relates to a cartoon faster compared to any other format as because a caricature has funny representations of image which a child can easily relate. The fascinating story world of prince, princess, bad person, fairies, angels, cats, dogs, rats and a lot more are excitingly portrayed in this platform. Vibrant colorful way of storytelling encourages a child to study while having fun, learning to express his inner thoughts, draw, paint and sing along with the cartoons. In one word we may say that hilarious caricatures are a child’s best friend. A friend, who relaxes his mind, plays with him, sing with him and dance with him.  This very psychological thought process was developed into a world famous children’s cartoon factory by Walt Disney. Domestic pets like cats and rat became the famous Tom & Jerry that had swept millions of children’s psychology into a new level. The Winnie the pooh, Mickey mouse and friends, Donald duck, Oggy and cockroaches, Cinderella, Barbie series, Beauty & the beast are some of the timeless caricatures that had been a p integral part of a child’s overall development as an individual.

Modern web sites have just taken this very valid part of growing up quite seriously and one can watch a lot funnier cartoon images developed from real life incidents. These caricatures had changed the way in which a child is studying, playing, drawing pictures or let’s say creating projects. The very small yet influential cartoons had created a place for themselves which are adequately funny, witty and spell bounding for the little angels.  Contemporary childhood has a new name and address and it is nothing but the lovely, vibrant, colorful, dialogue delivering animation sweeping the mind and heart of millions of children worldwide.

Author : +kumiko kurosu


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