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Fight back stress with funny pictures of animals

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

The world is worth living because of two things unconditional love and sheer entertainment. To be precise, everyday life is nothing short of furious battle. The battle to stand upright, be perfect, and live straight and to be accepted by everyone around goes on and on. Now, there is constant pressure on mind yields a lot of stress and trouble. So to keep the mind space productive one has to relax mentally and physically. There are several mediums that help one to distress and one unique method is the GIFimages.  Amidst many categories of images the funny pictures of animals assists a lot to unwind and creates unbelievable fun.

Funny Animal images

There are various kinds of animals around us. Violent animals are in the zoo; while some domestic animals like cow, dogs wander here and there and rest live as domestic ones. Among the home bound or domestic creatures are quite playful in nature. The small creatures like dogs and cats are accessible by us in our living rooms and pretty often we are thoroughly entertained by their gesture. Especially a dog loves his own master more than his own life. Right from taking a bath to having a meal every single activity is done wonderfully by the pet.   Nevertheless the everyday activities are often packed with non-stop wittiness too. For example, a pet dog not agreeing to take a bath, running away from soapy water and in the process falling into dirty mud. In fact, this bathing procedure is so hilarious at times that one can fall down from his chair while laughing on images where dog is behaving so foolishly that the entire onlooker can do is to laugh uncontrolled.

Funnt Cat gif

Same antiques are also shown by the cat too. However; she is quite a bit majestic. In major households she steals food and sometimes her way of stealing a meal is excessively funny. A cat trying to drink milk from a bowl while getting stuck inside it can evoke a chain of infectious laughter that gets more audience with time. When this kind of situation are filmed or images are clicked and sent via email, uploaded at funny websites or shared on social site the meaning and coverage of humor change a lot. Therefore, keep your mood light and funny as you click your pet's picture in amusing style. You may never know how much these creatures make you laugh? After all, laughter is universally infectious.

Author +Kumiko Kurosu


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