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The Crazy Funny Pictures a Way of life

Thursday, 9 October 2014

What do we understand from the word foolish? Being fanatical, passionate, wild, mad and much more.  It's a way of the unwise, impulsive, straightforward people. Not really, even the most sensible person can act nuts in a moment of passion and grit. Normally we observe all these qualities within a standup comedian, jokers in the circus or actors playing comical roles in movie. In fact, it takes a lot of guts and grit to be funny. People who can laugh at themselves are always good comedians. This very trait is largely practiced today by commoners to entertain family, friends and loved ones. The method is very simple and it's nonetheless, but the funny crazy picture gallery that is a hub of such witty pictures.

The picture could belong to the person who is making one laugh or his collective images of others goof up moments.

 For example, a man getting into his driving seat by putting one leg inside and getting his whole body in quite a hilarious manner that can be exceptionally amusing for many viewers. This kind of witty attitude makes sad people laugh even at no time.

Similarly the image of a lady who is sitting in a swing and her friends are helping her swing back and forth suddenly loose the control and falls down. Although we all do feel sorry for it, but the instant reaction is a house roaring laughter. Whoever has watched it can never forget the instant funny timing that is simply mind boggling.

Have you ever watched something as funny as a cowboy riding his horseback and getting hit on the movies the end sign board and falling off from his horse. Now who can ever stop laughing at such a hilarious account of events?

Another amusing moment is that when a man trying to jump over thin water canal and succeeded in getting into another end. However; at the very end he loses his balance and falls into the water. Now doesn't that evoke a quirky laughter among all of us? Well, it's very real like because many of us have tried it once or another in our lifetime. Do we agree people?

In real life maximum people drink wine, but how many have fallen onto grounds the moment one even touch them. Such bloopers can really make anyone fall down laughing uncontrollably.  This type of picture is so infectious with the element of crazy fun that hardly anyone can ever resist it.

Hence, all in all crazy funny pictures have one definite religion and followers and that is nonstop humor and hilarity at no cost. All it takes is one's deep interest to entertain traffic around the globe with one interesting and outright comical image that will make everyone split into amusement. We may say that such amazing images when collectively posted in the funny crazy picture gallery it becomes a toast to life to keep on celebrating happiness always.

Author : +Kumiko Kurosu


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