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Celebrate Happiness of Life with Top 10 funny Dolphin Images

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Watching a dolphin is like watching the sweetest, exclusive mammal ever born in nature. Research says that dolphin is a best friend of a man beside a dog. Whenever, any sailor or diver has ever faced any kind of trouble in the sea the dolphin played the role of a life saver and of a friend. Now as we are all getting aware of its lucrative sweet nature we must also know at time how this lovely fish can act funny. That’s why today in our lovely blog we are going to describe the top ten funny dolphin images for our dear readers.

So let’s start our Gif journey for the wittiest images of Dolphin.

1) Dolphin And Kid Having Fun
This real cutie-pie image where the dolphin is having a whale of a time with a child playing ball game with him. Now how hilarious the image of a dolphin playing ball can be.

2) Dog Riding on Dolphin
Man’s best friend riding another best friend of humanity a dolphin. This comically outstanding image can spill any one into a non-stop laughter zone.

3) Dolphin Brain Fart
Farting itself is a severe matter of fun and we all do laugh our hearts out whenever someone farts. Now watch this image as the dolphin is farting thorough his head.

4) Dolphin Loves Dogs
Normally dolphins are very fond of humans and so are humans. However a dolphin loving a dog can be quite cute and hilarious at the same point in time. It’s a must watch hilarious image.

5) Dolphin Crash
Every day we all see some kind of clashes between motor vehicles where people get hurt. However; this ultimate funny image of dolphin crashing with each other is too witty and it’s a spectacular image.

6) Dolphin Alley-Oop
We all love water sports aren’t we? Watch this dolphin duo playing with balls and jumping while throwing ball is amazingly funny and spell bounding.

7) Wakeboarding with Dolphins
Wakeboarding is fun, but doing along with dolphins raise the bar of entertainment to quite high standard. Watch this hilarious moment in a GIF format that will make you spin crazy.

8) Dolphin Animated GIF
Who doesn’t like freedom, surely everybody does. Watch this cute dolphin saying its trainer to get him out of the place in a funny yet pleading manner.

9) Cat and Dolphin
Watch the funny intimacy between a cat and a dolphin. Surely make us remember our own cozy fun loving moments. Isn’t it?

10) Dolphin wants Cigarette
Oh boy, dolphin having marijuana smoke just like human. Watch this hilarious moment in this outstanding GIF image.

Hence, these are the ultimate collection of funny Gif picture gallery by dolphins. Whenever, you get depressed watch these outstanding top ten funny dolphin images and celebrate life and happiness like never before with your gregarious laughter. What say people?

Author: +Kumiko Kurosu


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