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Mass Appealing Power Of Funny Cat Images

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Cat the name itself rings bell in our voice as the furry, soft meow sound making lovely pet that is simply adorable by many. It is the small and cute creature loves to sleep in the warmth of its owners lap. The pet is fond of good food and loads of good sleep. Are you thinking that I am describing cat’s characteristics? Oh, no simply informing all my readers that this creature can be a bundle of many emotions. Sometimes it is tacky and sometimes very funny while doing his/her own antiques best known to him only.

Practically every household has a cat as its family member as kids love them, women keep them to kill mice and men feel they are a breed of creature with lot many attitude. Today’s discussion gives you at the insight of this beautiful cat’s images or photographs which are widely used as funny cat images. You must be thinking how come, a cat is funny isn’t it? Hold on your thoughts do you ever have watched the pet busy enjoying his playful moments. If you can carefully observe it just see how, for example it tries to catch its own tail through mouth when a small insect bite it. Situations like jumping in to wash basin and having a blast of time can outwit you.

Such thought invoking acts are performed day to day by this creature and commonly maximum of us fail to see such endearing moments. Believe it or not cats simply love small babies as they play along with them whether by playing ball with them or making amusing faces at them.

One woman named Stella Laming-ton recorded these activity and many more witty pictures of her pet called Perry the princess. Stella’s three year old daughter Linda kept playing with Perry and Stella recorded all the funny moments to her husband Ivan who was out on a business trip . Ivan liked it so much that he converted it to  a Gif image and uploaded on social sites for his friends to watch. Soon the funny cat image of Perry made her a household name. Such is the mass appealing power of funny cat images in Gif version. Now Perry has many admirers.

Author : +KumikoKurosu


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