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Heal The Sick Through Gif Images

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Rita Hay worked as a psychologist in a popular hospital.  Various kinds of patients with various problems use to visit her and her treatment and guidance always worked wonder in the patient’s life.  Once she was called to the spastic society of Norway where various mentally disabled children lived and she was amazed to see how much care are being taken of them. Rita who always volunteered her service to the sick and poor was totally taken aback by such exemplary health care.

Sister Francis who was the head of the spastic society introduced Doctor Rita to many of her colic’s, who doesn’t take any kind of money or remuneration for their fantastic service. Mrs. Hay planned to stay there for a longer period of time than she was intended to stay. All of her treatment schedule went off wonderfully well.  One evening she could hear out roaring laughter of children from her chamber.  She came to the living room where the children were enjoying themselves and a volunteer named Anita was also having equal fun.

Seeing Dr. Rita Anita welcomed her and Mrs. Hay wanted to know the reason behind the happiness. Carefully Anita started telling how she herself has faced turbulence in her own life and has come out of it very successfully. During their conversation Anita mentioned that she was in a wrong company during her teens and she suffered from depression due to that. Soon her uncle Mr. Bateson helped her with various treatments from a reputed psychologist and soon she took up a course in animation at a reputed animation training centre. With apt interest she learned well and later on she has been helping the children by showing them funny Gif images which she has created herself. Pictures like a cat trying to bite its tail or a dog jumping over a big balloon. Such pictures can be clicked and one can create Gif images and can convert it into animated videos and pictures. With time these funny and witty videos and images has become very popular with the inmates of the spastic society.

This special meeting with Anita has left Dr. Rita Hay pondering over the idea that an animated Gif image can really heal the mind and soul of many spastic patients. Sitting on her desk, as she opened her laptop she opened a famous funny site and by looking at some Gif picture a smile came onto her face and again she could hear the children’s laughter. Soon she learned the technique on how to create Gif images with simple steps.

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