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Softer Side Of Life With Funny Animal pictures

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Human emotions are certainly priceless, but with time span we are forgetting how to remain young with these emotions. Apart from humans every other living thing has the emotions in stilled in them. However animals are closer to human feelings. It had been ages since mankind has been really kind to animals in an emotive way. Normally with busy lifestyle, hectic work schedules and with the constant persuasion of success we all had pleasantly overlook the softer side of life which we all share with the animal world. Although we all love funny animal pictures, but hardly many of us knows its importance in our mundane lives. Besides a discovery channels broadcast, an animal planet’s relentless effort to restore the  earth and its living animals to its old glory, we all hardly care. Sad, but true according to an NGO’s current research 85% of people barely have any time for their share of work for animal welfare. But let’s start afresh from now on, like adopting a pet or being more kind to them,treating them more nicely and so on. As each little effort from all of us can make a huge difference in the environment of every single animal life.

Feeling bad already, don’t just cheer up as every single moment  the funny and cozy world of creature enlightens human lives beyond description. Have you ever seen beautiful squirrels humming soft music, talking in their own language, making funny faces while being unable to eat a nut? Like human these cute creatures have their share of fun moments with their fellow squirrels. One can capture their fun moments in big parks where they live in huge trees enjoying sunshine. Go to such parks and share these moments in your camera lens. Gift these wonderful set of images to your child on his birthday or to your wife who will simply love it. See the warmth in the face of your dear family members, which are created through the help of such adorable creatures funny moment pictures.

Very soon you will find your son leaving his play station and requesting you to get him a squirrel or any other domestic animal as his pet. Although many animals are not being allowed to be kept at home as their community ratio is getting decreased, still you can adopt some at the permission by the animal welfare center. Watch the growing change in your family’s lifestyle as they devote more time to the lovely pet. The creature will become a family member and soon he will get a place in the family album. Its witty antiques like trying to eat the whole bread at a time can really make you laugh like anything and when these special moments are clicking through a camera or a cam coder it will be priceless. Such peculiar special hilarious moments are worth all the emotions we share with the pet and ourselves. So let’s conclude that funny animal pictures should be a very important part of each and every person’s life to be able to see the softer side of life.

Author : +Kumiko Kurosu


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