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Educating Illiterate People Via Best GIF Animation

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

The moving pictures or animation are an integral part of our lives. We all watch cartoons, puppets that is being moved through the magical Wand of technology. Today we are going to learn how a best GIF animation can change our views about sensitive topics like illiteracy. Although many people are not very much keen on learning animation. However for some it’s a matter of great interest. As they say a single picture, video or a gesture speaks a lot about the matters involved in it and sends a straight and heart touching message very easily.

Tina Huges an NGO owner  has been running her fight against illiteracy for ten years in Gulu that is in Uganda ,an  African country.  Being a white skin woman the local resident use to oppose her social causes due to lack of knowledge, but Tina haven’t lost all of her hope. After a day’s hardwork she prepares some funny and cute animation based on illiteracy and shows it to the local Gulu people who had a lot of laugh on it. One day their head of the society met her and asked her what is basically this moving pictures say about? Tina was very happy finally the head of the locality is getting some interest in her work. As soon as possible she called for an evening meeting and everybody gathered. The animation named illiteracy a curse shows two  funny human cartoons where one is earning well due to literacy and progressing in life and the other one is poor due to lack of knowledge. Soon the locals could understand her concept thanks to Ookalore their head’s interpretation in the local language. Previously Tina’s secretary maria who had  a clear knowledge about the local dialect and had explained him the meaning of the animated story.  Soon  loca-lites came to study more into Tina’s evening open school which she along with maria and other staff runs it. Maria  also created some more slides of basic language and basic studies for the people. This unique idea clicked and the localites learned a lot from the Tina’s moving picture. Currently most of them are working in good food stalls, poultry firms, markets, doing small business and earning their daily bread. Now their homes are lighten up with the new power literacy which has led to world news, sophistication, good health and a bright future.

Imagine what would have happened if Maria and Tina both hadn’t thought of educating the Gulu people with  best GIF animation based on literacy themes. Those innocent, illiterate mass would have remained poor and neglected in spite of the government’s many social improvement efforts. So  it’s been purely proclaimed that a bunch of genius and dedicated people can change the difference of this big wide world with the magic help of Gif pictures.

Author : +Kumiko Kurosu

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