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The Wonder Effect Of Funny Gif Images In The Lives Of Spastic Children

Monday, 28 October 2013

There are many kinds of diseases that affect small children and one such disease or disorder is the spastic element. It is a condition where the muscles are squeezed or contracted inside and this could harm free posture, movement, and speech. Spasticity takes place in a person when a very harmful damage to a certain part of the brain or spinal controlling physical activity takes place. The damage causes a change in the balance of signals between the nervous system and the muscles. This imbalance leads to increased activity in the muscles. It affects both joints and muscles very badly, and very harmful among children of any age. Well today our topic is not about spastic case it's about the funny image GIF, which has a wonder effect in some mental healing of the suffering children.

Amit Krishnan the single parent from Vardora says his adopted child was a spastic case. As a single parent he couldn't understand these health problems earlier, but with time things grew difficult for his only son Akash who couldn't speak or walk properly. When he consulted the child specialist, the doctor gave him the bad news. According to medical research this element  affects 12 million people globally.

GIF or graphic funny images of animals, people, incidents when shown to children under treatment of spastic element reacts very happily. They try to smile, clap, make noise, try to walk in their own pace in one sentence fun images build happiness in their mind and they become cheerful. By the watching these they forget their problems and try to cope more with their daily activity training. In India itself at least many hospitals are using witty pictures to relieve their patients of the pain and inbuilt anger of being a failure in each activity. Many Psychologist has also studied cases of such children in which children are showing immense success in their  daily activity after viewing such hilariously funny pictures or videos. So once again it has been proved that websites dedicated to show such videos and funny image GIF are actually healing spastic children all across the universe.

Author : +Kumiko Kurosu
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