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The Kaleidoscope Utility Of GIF Picture In The Online World

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

The many shades of our lives are always represented to our loved ones and even to ourselves in the form of image.  A photo has many formats like- PNG, JPEG, GIF, BMP and TIF Etc. Although these many varieties are available, but out of the entire graphic pattern is more popular. This format is the only one that supports animation and it has a wide 256 color palate. Its colors are more pure than a JPG format. The  graphic base format has a lossless compression that doesn’t hamper the sketch quality while compression. So the result is of no amount of reduction can be seen in the quality of the GIF Picture, meaning the pictorial quality is not compromised. So today let’s discuss more about the  graphic representation and its various advantages in building up of a Website.

Gif photosThe Animated graphical pictures are quite useful in various ways. It grabs the attention of any user wherever it is used.  It can be used to make attractive logo, banners and it’s a definite crowd puller when it is used to promote your personal space in the social networking site with a set of interesting impressions, in fact the best logo or emblem can be designed with a graphic pictorial mode to reflect the supremacy in visual. It also caters to online business marketing in a sophisticated way. For an instance an animated product advertisement cannot only tantalize the thought process of a buyer, but also it can provide him with the dose of fun and laughter while educating. Graphic representation also plays a grand role in the effort to teach kids online, as an animated image teaches the kids in a funny and playful manner. The animated movies also help in this section. Apart from all it Detoxes the tired mind and soul with much effectiveness. Such format also inspires people to bring out their best artistic creativity in front of the world in the form of hilarious practical bloopers converted as animation. Nowadays such bloopers are in great demand for sending special Emails to friends, family and acquaintance.  

So, we can come to a final conclusion that GIF Image are the true kaleidoscope of creativity and glorious beauty of animation.

Author : +Kumiko Kurosu
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