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The Gif- Based Images Influences Cool & Expressive Smiley’s

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Increased use of technology has made life fast and busy and totally drains out each kind of strength from all of us to meet up people in person and to express ourselves. So to be in touch with our loved ones we send Emails, messages and sometimes we all queue up for online chats. We use these varieties of communication forms and express our emotions with the help of Emoticons and all of the emoticons are greatly influenced by Gif images, so we must understand that Gif influences Smiley with a wide spectrum because whatever emotive expressions we see in the signs are originally has a marked impression from graphical pictures. So whether its happiness, laughter, sadness, anger or any other form of emotions we all depend on Smiley character’s various moody expressions.

Gif Image

These human facial reflections are the best alternative for text-based emotions and the wide use of it in every kind of communication adds extra meaning to it. It is basically a coded form of human feelings, but everything in life needs improvement and Emoticons are no less. So it has got its new feature from the wide use of graphic formatted videos, photographs, images, etc. The Smiley also got new features that are so much loved by users nowadays. The illustrative images showing quirky expression has also got its place in the coded expressions. The young generation  are so addicted to Smiley’s and other faces like cheeky, emotional, hello and many more that they are using it in every aspect of their lives to  become cool. Well the cool sentiment has the new influence in their existence and that deep impact is nothing but the in-numerous Gif image based videos showcasing small child’s funny face, falling into the ground with his toys and many similar witty expressions. These are immediately captured by the Emoticon creating artist and new sentiments are born that speaks of many kinds of feelings. Well maximum of it are based on happiness.

Even the computer keyword strokes are also designed in the same way. So all of or expressions are extremely Gif influences Emoticons and they reach out to our loved ones in a positive way. In one way we must understand that graphical funny images represent our emotions very closely.

Author - +Kumiko Kurosu

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