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Create A People Oriented Online Business With Funny Animated Pictures

Thursday, 6 February 2014

The life of everyone revolves around a calendar. It is an organizer that specifies days, dates and year to us; in fact the busy schedule of life has created time limitations in every aspect of life.  Modern technology has replaced the paper calendar with online electronic one for people who work more often on the internet. Publication house, business house and scientific innovations are built around the E calendar. Technically pretty easy, available always at the click of a mouse button, but awesome about it is the funny animated pictures attached onto the different pages of the organizer.

Funny Animation

Images like a pig reading newspaper or a sheep wearing a cap and teaching other sheep’s definitely evokes non-stop laughter. The same visual when developed as an animated video gets attached to the date book not only gets attractive, but also pretty hilarious. Such witty chart has many followers because fun-based date chart is a real bonus for many. Just think how cool is the idea to follow up a date chart that has cute and animated visuals showing while you watch a date, year or day chart for your own work appointments and schedule. Create one and send it to colic’s, clients and business partners. Make your website a spot for humor and spontaneous fun.  Besides the calendar even the E cards for various occasions has comic expression of animals, babies and situations attached to it as a video visual. The reason behind such a card is the amusement related to peculiar actions and situations which had been added as an animation, for example a car tyre running a race among humans certainly makes every viewer laugh at it. The most promising part of the visual is the comic taglines that make people split into uproarious laughter. These moving pictures just make you remember your own very funny incident that had happened in the past. The best part about the calendar or a funny E card is that one can make people smile around him. Amusing visuals are a sure shot way of winning friends and more friends always encourages a good human network, which channelize more work for you.

So, if you are a businessman with a E store make sure everybody should be happy in your presence, the way you conduct online business with clients. Funny animated picture based E card and date charts makes people bond with you and your business. Well we can define that fun caricature is a huge hit to attract traffic, business partners in general and yes it showcases your mind boggling creativity in a larger scale. So whether people are buying from your E store or not but they do get emotionally connected to your funny ways of conducting online business. Are you listening?

Author  : +Kumiko Kurosu


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